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Use of IP Extraction

Latest update: 29/06/2024 Number of views : 4115

The 922 S5 Proxy Android application is a free proxy application that provides users with the following functions:

1. Used to extract and manage your proxy on mobile devices;

2. Supports batch control of hundreds of mobile devices through the 922 computer application, realizing simultaneous operation of hundreds of devices.

○ Convenient and fast, proxy anytime and anywhere

○ Support real machine and simulator use

○ Supports all latest Android versions

You can switch the required functions according to business scenarios and manage your proxies or devices more intelligently. It is suitable for business scenarios such as data collection, price monitoring, market research, rush to buy goods, advertising verification, social media, etc.

This article will show you how to extract and manage your proxy in the 922 S5 Proxy Android app.

step 1

First, you need to download the application on the 922 S5 Proxy official website.

Please click to enter the download page and scan the QR code below to download:


Step 2

After the installation is successful, open the application and enter your account number and password to log in. (Note to check the agreement below)


Step 3

After you log in, you will see 2 options. The current interface in the picture below is Extract, where we can directly extract the IP for use. (Please note that if you select Control, you will enter the mobile control function. This function requires using the 922 computer application to connect to the Proxy and then control the use of mobile devices. For specific tutorials, please click here.)


You can see this information in the Extract interface:

A: The IP balance you currently have.

B: Click here to renew and you can purchase proxies.

C: Specific information about the proxy you are connected to.


Step 4

1. Click Screening Proxy. Here we randomly provide 100 proxies for you to choose from for quick connection.


2. If you want to search accurately, click Search to enter the precise filtering interface. Here you can filter the proxies you want according to the conditions of Region/ISP/ZIP/IP (region/ISP/postal code/IP). Click the filter to search in detail by state and city.



Here we use the United States as your example:

1. First, enter US in the search box and click Search. Here you select a proxy connection, and clicking it will return to Extract.



2. In the Extract interface, click Connect to connect to the agent.


After the proxy connection is successful, you can see the detailed IP information. If you don't want to use it, just click to disconnect. Please note that the connection history here is synchronized with the Todaylist of the 922 computer application.

Through the above steps, you have successfully extracted the IP on your mobile device, providing more secure and flexible options for network connections. Make sure to follow the instructions every step of the way to ensure the proxy settings are applied correctly. Use the 922S5Proxy Android app to connect to the proxy more conveniently and quickly to meet your business needs.

If you still have problems, don't hesitate to contact the customer support team (Email: [email protected]).

Provide your details so our support team can better assist you with your issue. We're always here and happy to help!