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Privilege, exclusive to

the enterprise

Lower than the price of the regular package

IPs never expire, and the operation is simple

Multi-account IPs allocation can be achieved by purchasing once



10,000~50,000 IPs


50,000~More IPs

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Frequently asked question

Q1:What are the benefits of joining in Enterprise Exclusive Plan?

A1:More IP, lower price .You can generate cdkey to resell IP at any price, or you can use it yourself.

Q2: What is cdkey? how to use?

A2:Users participating in Enterprise Exclusive Plan and Invitation events have the privilege to generate cdkeys and transfer IPs to others with the help of cdkeys.

Q3:How to generate cdkey?

A3:After purchasing the Enterprise Exclusive Plan, enter the enterprise exclusive section of the personal center, select the number of IPs you want to allocate and generate a cdkey.

Q4:How to obtain IPs after purchasing Enterprise exclusive plan?

A4:After purchasing, IPs will reach your enterprise account, and you need to use the cdkey to move the IP to your account to use it normally.

Generate a cdkey
Share cdkey to assign IPs