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How to use ISP Proxy?

There are two ways to use ISP Proxy: one is to download the 922 S5 Proxy client for use; Another method is to use it through username:password authentication  (without downloading the client).

The tutorial in this article will guide you in downloading the client to use the proxy. The tutorial on User&Password authentication can be redirected by clicking on the link here:

Download and install the 922S5 client on the official website

-Connection Program Proxy

1. Drag the application you need to connect to the proxy into the Program;


2.Filter countries/cities/operators/postal codes as needed, and click Search to obtain the IP list of the target region;


3. Double click on the IP address or right-click on the Program Proxy Connect to prompt "ProgramProxy Started Successfully!". 

The IP address you just selected will be displayed in the "Programproxy Info" in the upper right corner, indicating that the proxy has successfully connected.

Click Stop to disconnect the program proxy connection;



【Tip】 When you connect to the proxy for the browser, browser caching may cause the proxy connection to fail. Therefore, it is recommended to close the browser first and then start the program proxy.

You can check the following options in the settings to ensure that the browser proxy successfully connects.


-Port forwarding

1. Click on "General Settings" to configure the required port range and quantity. The maximum number of ports that can be set each time is 500;


2. Filter countries/states/cities, and click "Search" to obtain the IP list of the target region; Or directly search for the postal code/target IP segment of the target city for quick positioning;


3. Select a proxy from the list, right-click, and select the port to forward to the proxy from the drop-down list, indicating successful extraction.


4.Click on the "Port Forward List" button to view detailed proxy parameters. Click the "Copy" button to copy the local IP and port with one click. To release the port, click the 'Free' button.


5.Finally, configure the copied IP and port number to be used in browsers or other third-party software.