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What is Kameleo?

Kameleo is a stealth browser platform that helps you start multiple different virtual browser profiles and change your fingerprint without using multiple devices or virtual machines. It has a super friendly graphical interface and easy to use automatic functions. This might come in handy in situations when a proxy is not enough, such as  protecting your identity, do web scraping, multi-accounting or even try to buy limited series sneakers. You can even automate these tasks. Kameleo can do desktop and mobile fingerprint spoofing as well. You can avoid WebRTC Leaks, Canvas fingerprint issues, and you receive full protection against the GeolocationAPI with this great anti-detect browser. Learn more about Kameleo's features from their website!

How to use it?

Step 1

Configure your proxy

Step 2

Create a profile on and sign up for a plan. Then download and install the desktop app. 


Step 3

Start Kameleo and click on create a new profile.


Step 4

Use the filters to browse between desktop or mobile profiles or filter OS, browser or language. When you found one you like, click on select. 


Step 5

Leave most of the settings on automatic for the best experience. Add your proxy info, test it and start the profile. 


Proxy's country should match the profile's language. Consistent configurations are more trusted by websites.

Step 6

Start your profile and enjoy your privacy! 


For more info, visit Kameleo's help page here