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How to connect to Static Proxy?

1. Introduction

Select the Static Proxy, click on the details, you can choose IPs with different time-limits. If not selected, the client defaults to the short-time one.


Here, you can see the aging type and the remaining number of IPs.


Click on the used list, where you can see the IP extraction time, expiration time and status. It can be used repeatedly within the validity period of the IP, unlimited times.


2. Program proxy settings


Click on a program to add the application's EXE file to the list of proxies you want to use by dragging or clicking the plus sign.

Then click the blue Go ProxyList button below to enter the proxy list page and select the target area IP.


Filter the country/state/city to get the IP list of the target area, right click on the IP and select Program Proxy Connect. When a green box appears, the IP extraction is successful.



Click here to copy proxy IP.


To ensure the success of IP proxy, you can open Ads Power to see if your line is successfully connected.

Select the Socks5 proxy type, and paste the program proxy IP value just copied.


To stop using the proxy, click the Stop Program Proxy button.


Then click the "Clear Browser Information" button to clear the previous IP cache.


You can also set it according to your needs in the program settings:

① Automatically clear browser cache.

②When the agent is replaced, the program will automatically close.

When the program is connected to the agent, the program runs automatically.

Change time zone automatically.

⑤ Disable network RTC (Firefox browser) (for example: when you start the program agent, this function will automatically close Firefox browser).


3. Fixed port forwarding settings


Click General Setting to configure the number of ports to extract. Assuming that the initial value of the port is 5000, 11 ports need to be extracted in batches, and the end value of the port is set to 5010. (the maximum interval is 500)


Select a proxy in the list, right-click, and select a port forwarded to the proxy in the drop-down list, that is, the extraction is successful.


Click the "Port Forwarding List" button to view detailed proxy parameters. Click the "Copy" button to copy the local IP and port with one click. To release the port, click the "Free" button interface.