Download APP


Use mobile phone to scan and download APP

Use of IP Extraction

Video Tutorial Link:

1. First download the APP on the official website of 922 S5 Proxy(


Use your mobile phone's browser to scan the QR code to download:


2. After installing the APP, fill in the account number and password to log in, and check the policy agreement at the bottom.


3. After logging in, you can see 2 options, the current interface is Extract, here we can directly connect to the Proxy on the phone for use. If you choose Control, you will enter the mobile control function. You need to use the computer client to connect to the Proxy and then control the Android phone. For specific tutorials, please refer to:


4. On the Extract interface. A: Your current IP balance. B: Click here to purchase the IP package you want. C: Your IP information.


5. Click Screening Proxy to enter the search interface.


6. Here we randomly provide 100 IPs for you to choose quickly.

If you want to search precisely, click Search to enter the screening interface.


7.Here you can filter Region/ISP/ZIP/IP, and then search for the IP you want. Click the filter to search for states and cities in detail.



8.Let's take Brazil as an example, click the Brazil button.


9. After clicking, jump to the home page, and click Connect.


10. After the IP connection is successful, you can see the IP information. The Proxy connected on the mobile phone and the Todaylist of the client on the computer are synchronized. If you don't want to use click to disconnect.