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  • How should credit card payment display risk control be resolved?

1. Do not enter the credit card payment interface back and forth, which will lead to risk control.

2. Close the payment interface, close the 922 website, and open it again 15 minutes later.

3. Make sure you are using a secure network. Credit cards will refuse to pay if the network is at risk.

  • What should do if Taxid is displayed as being used after the virtual currency self-service recharge?
When the Taxid exchange fails, please bring the screenshot of your successful payment, your account email and Taxid to contact our customer service. Customer service will solve it for you.
  • Can redeem different types of IP at the bottom of other package pages ?

Can't do that. If you purchase Enterprise Exclusive, redeem it under this page . If you buy long term IP, you will redeem it at long term package page.

  • Why my account didn't arrive immediately after using Virtual Currency-Self recharge?

After successful payment using Virtual Currency-Self recharge, "TXid", also called "Hash" or "transaction number" will appear on the receipt in your private wallet.

Fill your TXid into step3 to exchange

  • Is the proxy IPv4 or IPv6?
We are a proxy for IPv4
  • Can enable the same IP address again after the proxy expires
If offline is not displayed, the IP address can be used repeatedly. In case the IP is missing, you can right-click the IP in Todaylist and select "Add to Favorites ProxyList".
  • Why does the same IP address be charged again
The ISP proxy can be used for up to 12 hours, so it will cost another token to turn it on again after the time expires.
  • How should API extraction be used?

A detailed tutorial is available in our Tutorial Center. Here is the link to the tutorial:

Video Tutorials Direct

IF the video fails to load,please check if the network or proxy is working properly!

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