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Learn about 922 S5 Proxy‘s application

Latest update: 18/12/2023 Number of views : 5457

The 922S5 proxy is designed to meet the needs of most users and is suitable for multiple systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS and Android. This article will take the Windows application as an example to briefly introduce the interface and functions of the 922 S5 Proxy.

Firstly, let me introduce the ISP proxy operation interface to you.

Applicable plan: ISP Proxies; ISP Proxies (Enterprise)

Main interface and function introduction:

Personal Center: You can view your user ID and email in this module, and also perform operations such as logging out, viewing coupons, and providing feedback.

Notification: You can learn about product news here, including 922 S5 Proxy version updates, promotional activities, etc

Updated version: You can click here to check if it has been updated to the latest version. When the version is updated, the updated version and content will be displayed here

CDK: Enter the Cdkey redemption code to redeem IP addresses


IP balance: This displays the current number of IPs you have.

Local IP: Refers to the local external network IP, which is your real IP address

Program Proxy: refers to the local internal network IP and port

ProgramProxy info: Refers to the IP address of the target area


ProxyList: This interface displays all IP proxy resources of 922S5. You can perform program proxy connection, port forwarding to extract IP, and batch port forwarding to extract IP

Filtering search: You can filter parameters such as country/state/city/ISP here to search for IP resources in the region you need

Port forward list: The port forwardlist will display detailed information about the IP you have extracted, including port, country, region, status, etc.You can copy or free bound IPs

TodayList: This interface displays the IPs that you have extracted and used within 24 hours, and you can connect to proxies, add IP to favorite list, and other operations. Please pay attention! After 6 hours of IP extraction, it will become invalid. If it is extracted again, a fee will be charged, and the IP will disappear from the list after 24 hours.

Favorite ProxyList: Refers to the collection of IP addresses that have been extracted, and you can filter them based on their IP addresses and country codes


API: The method of obtaining IP through API parameters allows you to filter parameters such as country/region/city to obtain the API link of the target region. You can directly copy the link and manually modify the parameters.


Program: In this module, you can add, start, delete program, stop, start program proxy, and clear browser cache.


Auto proxy: This function supports you to automatically switch proxies, and you can set parameters such as switch time, city, etc


Mobile group control: On this interface, you can view your mobile device information, IP and port information, proxy connection status, and perform operations such as switching IP, connecting, disconnecting, and deleting devices


Next, I will introduce the interface and functions of static residential proxies to you.

Applicable plan: Static residential proxies

Main interface and function introduction:

ProxyList: You can extract and use static proxies, as well as connect program proxies.

IP balance: The total number of static IPs you currently have. Click on details to view the balance corresponding to your different types of packages

Filtering: You can obtain the static IP you need by selecting the country and type


Finally, let me introduce the settings interface to you

General settings

You can set the port range, IP freeze time, and local Internet. By using the repair function, you can solve some issues caused by drivers or DNS.


Program settings

You can set clear browser information, automatically run/close programs, WebRTC, etc


For details, please click to view the complete setup guide for 922S5proxy:

About General settings

About Program settings

After reading this article, you can now start using the 922S5 proxy to set up a proxy network for your browsers or programs. You can click here to download the latest version of the client for use.