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How to use mobile device group control function (Android)?

Latest update: 18/12/2023 Number of views : 8885

922 S5 Proxy Android application is a free proxy application that provides users with the following functions:

1. For extracting and managing your proxies on mobile devices;

2. Supports batch control of hundreds of mobile devices through the 922 PC client, enabling simultaneous operation of hundreds of devices.

○ Convenient and fast, proxy anytime and anywhere

○ Support the use of real machines and simulators

○ Supports all latest Android versions

You can switch the required functions according to business scenarios and manage your proxies or devices more intelligently. It is suitable for business scenarios such as data collection, price monitoring, market research, rush to buy goods, advertising verification, social media, etc.

This article will introduce you how to batch control Android applications in the PC client.

Before using this function, please note:

1. Your mobile device needs to be in the same LAN as your computer, and make sure that the two devices are logged in with the same account.

2. Make sure your Android operating system is Android 9.0 and above.

3. If you need to use a simulator during use, it is recommended that you use: BlueStacks, LDplayer,Noxplayer.

step 1

First, you need to download the application from the 922S5Proxy official website.

Please click to enter the download page and scan the QR code below to download:


Step 2

After the installation is successful, open the application and enter your account number and password to log in. (Note to check the agreement below)


Step 3

After successful login, the 922 computer application can detect the currently online mobile device. In the Android application, click Control to enter the control interface, and you can control the device in the 922 computer application. (Please note that if you select Extract, you will enter the IP extraction function. This function can extract and manage your proxy on mobile devices. Please click here for a detailed tutorial.)

The state before control is shown in the figure below:


Step 4

1. Open the 922 computer application and click _Mobile Group Control_.


2. The currently online mobile devices will be displayed here. You can view the proxy IP information, IP status, connection status, etc. of each mobile device.


3. If you need to connect a proxy for mobile devices, you only need to filter the proxy according to country/state/city and other conditions in the IP set area, and click Save.


4. Then click here to connect to the proxy.

If there are multiple mobile devices, repeat the above steps and click on the corresponding device information to perform the operation.

for example:

There are mobile devices A and B currently online. Device A needs to be connected to the US agent, and device B needs to be connected to the Vietnamese proxy. First, filter the US proxy in the IP Set area and save it, then click the or button on the status bar of device A.  Filter the Vietnamese proxy in the IP Set area again and save it, then click the or button on the status bar of device B.


After the connection is successful, the status of the mobile device is as shown in the figure below, indicating that the device has successfully connected to the proxy:


5. If you need to change the proxy IP of another location for your mobile device, you can also click randomly switch proxy IP addresses.


6. Click here to manage Android devices in batches: ① Connect devices in batches. ② Delete devices in batches.



Please note that the connection records here will be synchronized in Todaylist to facilitate you to view historical operation records.

Through the above steps, you have successfully controlled your Android device to connect to the proxy, providing more secure and flexible options for network connections. Please follow the step-by-step instructions to ensure correct application of proxy settings. Using the mobile group control function of 922 S5 Proxy allows you to manage hundreds of mobile devices at the same time to meet your business needs.

If you still have problems, don't hesitate to contact the customer support team (email: [email protected]).

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