TikTok Proxy

One of the most advantageous marketing tools

  • Unlock TikTok region restrictions
  • Implement the creation and management of multiple TikTok accounts
  • Expand marketing scope and explore global potential customers
  • Ensure account security and stability

Why is 922S5 the best proxy choice for TikTok?

Anonymity and Security

TikTok proxy provides strong anonymity and security. By hiding your real IP address, you can ensure the security of your personal data and minimize the risk of malicious attacks.

High Performance and Reliability

The proxy disguises your IP as a different residential IP address, thereby reducing the likelihood of being marked as suspicious activity by the TikTok algorithm. This can improve the overall stability of your Tiktok activities and minimize the risk of interruption.

Easy to use

922S5 has professional proxy software suitable for Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android, with a smooth and concise interface and interaction. You can configure the environment in just a few seconds.

Reasonable Price

922S5 not only guarantees its proxy quality and performance, but also its price has a certain degree of competitiveness in the industry, and its cost performance can be called the first in the industry.

Our Proxy Plan - Static Residential Proxy

  • Proxy success rate 99%
  • Infinite bandwidth and traffic
  • Pure and Exclusive
  • SOCKS5/HTTP(s)
  • City level positioning

10 Days

$2.8 /IP



  • US
  • Global
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30 Days

$4.8 /IP



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  • Global
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60 Days

$7.5 /IP



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  • Global
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90 Days

$10.7 /IP



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Uses for TikTok Proxies

Proxy play a crucial role in TikTok marketing by providing excellent privacy, stability, and flexibility. Using TikTok proxy as your marketing tool can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Ensure account security and stability

The use of proxies can improve the overall security and stability of marketing activities, ensure the long-term stability of TikTok accounts, and minimize the risk of being banned.

Multi Account Management

TikTok Proxy can help you achieve multi-account management. Tiktok has strict restrictions on the number of accounts that can be created with a single IP address. If you do not use a proxy, once your account is banned, you will not be able to access the platform.

Avoid Geographical Limitations

Some countries and regions prohibit access to TikTok due to policy reasons, and proxy servers can change your IP address to other unrestricted target addresses.

Expand Coverage and Reach Global Audiences

Use TikTok proxy to change your location, help you locate in other countries/regions, attract global audiences, and freely watch TikTok short videos from all countries around the world.

Frequently asked questions

What is TikTok Proxy

TikTok Proxy is a solution that can help people overcome various limitations. The TikTok proxy ensures anonymity, improves crawling speed, and allows users to access TikTok from restricted locations.

How does TikTok Proxy work?

The TikTok proxy acts as an intermediate server between the user and the TikTok server. When you make a TikTok request through the residential proxy, it routes through one of the devices, making it appear to be from a real user.

How to use it after purchasing proxies?

1. Download the 922S5 professional proxy client;

2. Select the proxy type and filter countries and cities as needed;

3. Configure proxy information. We have prepared specific tutorials for you. You can go to the help center on the official website to check, or you can contact our customer support [email protected]

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