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System Upgrade - Official Website Exception Repair

Latest update: 29/06/2024 Number of views : 1202

When your computer version is updated or the system is upgraded, you may encounter an exception when opening the 922 S5 Proxy official website due to computer cache. This article will provide you with the steps and optimization methods to clear the DNS cache on your computer.

Clearing the DNS cache is an effective operation when troubleshooting network connection issues or speeding up network access. Here are detailed steps and some suggestions to ensure you clean up properly and optimize your network connection.

step 1

Clear the DNS cache through the command prompt: In the search box in the lower left corner of the computer desktop, type "cmd" to open the command prompt.


Step 2

Enter the command to flush the DNS cache: In the command prompt window that opens, enter the command: ipconfig /flushdns, and then press the Enter key. This step will refresh your computer's DNS cache information.

Step 3

Perform multiple refreshes to completely clear: To ensure that the DNS cache is fully cleared, you can use the "↑" key on the keyboard to repeat the last entered command multiple times, and then press the Enter key. This can refresh the computer's DNS cache multiple times to ensure a clear and stable network connection.


Step 4

Use network troubleshooting tools: Instead of clearing the DNS cache manually, you can also take advantage of the network troubleshooting tools provided by your operating system.

These tools can automatically detect and resolve some common network problems, including DNS resolution issues.

Cleaning your DNS cache regularly is part of maintaining a good network connection. You may consider adding cleaning DNS cache to your scheduled tasks to ensure long-term stability of your network connection. Consider changing the DNS server used by your computer or router to some public, trustworthy DNS servers. It is recommended that you use a trustworthy DNS server, which will help improve the speed and accuracy of domain name resolution.

Make sure your network adapter driver is up to date. Regular driver updates can improve network performance and stability. Some firewalls or security software may affect DNS resolution. Make sure these software are not blocking network connections and set them accordingly if necessary.

Through the above steps and suggestions, you can more comprehensively clean and optimize your computer's DNS cache and improve the efficiency and stability of your network connection.

During operation, make sure to follow the correct steps to prevent any unexpected problems from occurring. I hope you enjoy a more enjoyable product experience!

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