New IP resources:

30 million in Europe, 40 million in Asia, and 50 million in the United States


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99% IP Purity Large Residential Proxy— 922 S5 Proxy

Use as you go, invalid IPs are not billed

Covering 190+ countries, 200 million+ residential IPs

Support country, city, zip code and ISP targeting

Support API function

Support fingerprint browser, simulator and other scenarios

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Mobile Device Group Control

free to use

Unlimited number of mobile devices

Support real machine and emulator

Simple operation, convenient and quick

Support batch management, one computer can manage all mobile devices

More than 200 million IPs worldwide

With residential IPs from over 190 countries worldwide, 922 S5 can guarantee your global business needs.

Real IP resources

922 S5's IP resources are real residential IPs from various countries around the world, which can help you maximize your ability to avoid blocking penalties.

Downloadable client system

The 922 S5 client is compatible with all Windows systems and is easy to use for novices.

Customer Service Guarantee

922 S5 has a professional customer service team that can solve your problems in a timely manner.

Batch devices control

922 S5Windows version supports batch control of Android devices.

  • IP Type
  • Proxy IP Locations
  • Proxy Agreement
  • Proxy Header
  • Filter
  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Bandwidth
  • Compatibility

Large Residential Proxy

  • Pure Residential
  • 190+ Countries Worldwide
  • HTTP and SOCKS5
  • (switchable)
  • Country/State/City
  • Fast
  • High quality
  • Unlimited
  • Windows/Mac OS/Android/IOS
  • Free Download Free Download
  • Residential and Data Center
  • 180+ Countries Worldwide
  • SOCKS5
  • Country
  • Fast
  • Quality
  • Unlimited
  • Windows

Pricing plan introduction

$0.07/IP Most Choice

Professional Plan

The choice of most users, the purity reaches over 99.8%, the IP online time is about 12 hours, unlimited bandwidth and terminals.

IP validity period 6H+

The number of packages is suitable for business with small demand

Covering 195+ regions worldwide


$0.04/IP Most Cost-effective

Enterprise Exclusive

Suitable for users who need to allocate and manage multiple accounts and use a lot.

IP validity period 6H+

Cheap price, large quantity favorably

Covering 195+ regions worldwide

Freely assign IP to other accounts


NEW Long Validity

Static Proxy

Real residential IP, no use, no time, no deduction, stable and reliable, suitable for long-term stable online users who need IP.

IP has a long validity period:10days, 30days, 90days

Currently Supported Regions:US (United States), VN (Vietnam), TW (Taiwan), GB (UK)


Convenient and reliable operating system

Get IP information in bulk

You can get bulk IP resources with one click, allowing you to multi open/register accounts more conveniently.

Real-time link protection

922 S5 has a unique proxy connection protection system to make sure you are already connected to a proxy.

Detailed IP location display

You can filter the proxy IPs you need by filtering country, region, city, zip code, etc. in the client.

Charge by IP quantity

922 S5 is different from the market's time/traffic billing IP resellers, where the IPs you buy are actually your own personal resources.

What are the uses of residential proxy IPs?

Residential Proxy IP from around the world

With residential proxy IPs from 190+ countries worldwide, 922 S5 can meet your global business needs

US* 9,489,397 IPs

UK 166,431 IPs

Vietnam 2,896,312 IPs

Japan 3,662,712 IPs

Turkey 6,633,262 IPs

Hong Kong 119,312 IPs

Germany 4,982,127 IPs

UAE 5,783,872 IPs

Brazil 9,489,397 IPs

France 2,714,754 IPs

Indonesia 5,002,418 IPs

Residential IP purity above 99%

No charge if the IP cannot be used


ISP-level targeting

API Access

SOCKS5 support

24/7 support

Dedicated Account Managerв


0.24 /IPs

Total $60 $48

Order now



0.16 /IPs

Total $75 $60

Order now


650 IPs

0.13 /IPs

Total $98 $85

Order now


New User +430IPs

1500 IPs

0.07 /IPs

Total $177 $135

Order now


2250 IPs +750 IPs

0.1 /IPs

Total $600 $300

Order now


6000 IPs

0.07 /IPs

Total $1260 $420

Order now


Trusted by our Customers

Candice Chan Data Analys

Although 922S5 is a new company, it provides a very high-quality IP, the speed is fast and stable. For my work content, This way of not being ...

Read More

Payne Leung Marketing Director

After the collapse of 911, I was looking for a similar service , and finally discovered 922! Static residential IPs of the Scoks5 type is exactly ...

Read More

Hickman Chief Executive Officer

I have used the services of many IP agents, but my favorite is to use 922.

Read More

Why should you choose 922 S5 Proxy IP?

Rich residential IP resources 922 S5 has more than 200 million IP resources worldwide.

Global resources to choose from 922 S5 has IPs from 190+ countries around the world.

Simple operating system 922 S5's client system is very simple to operate and easy to use for the novice.

Cheap price 922 S5's IP prices are much lower than other IP providers.

Rich Usage You can use 922 S5 for brand protection, information acquisition, sneaker shopping and many other purposes.

Professional Customer Service You can solve all your problems by contacting customer service.

922S5 offer software with many useful features

Support port extraction, API extraction, Program Proxy


Prevent DNS from leaking, higher confidentiality.


IP remarks, IP collection, facilitate business developmen.


Freely set port numbers.


Enterprise-specific privilege to support IP balance allocation to sub-accounts.


Support windows, IOS, MAC, Linux versions.


Invite friends to get rebates, promote immediately to get commissions.



Residential IP purity above 99% , 100% high anonymity

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