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The Most Trusted Socks5

proxies — 922 S5

One of the best proxy.

Cleanest,regularly updated proxy pool

available exclusively to you. Over 200M IPs active worldwide.

Flexible targeting by country,region,city,and provider.

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More than 200 million
IPs worldwide

With residential IPs from over 160 countries worldwide, 922 S5 can guarantee your global business needs.

Real IP resources

922 S5's IP resources are real residential IPs from various countries around the world, which can help you maximize your ability to avoid blocking penalties.

Downloadable client system

The 922 S5 client is compatible with all Windows systems and is easy to use for novices.

Customer Service Guarantee

922 S5 has a professional customer service team that can solve your problems in a timely manner.

Choose the best 922 S5 proxy service for you

The agent balance you purchase is valid for life in your account with no expiration date! If you are having trouble choosing
a package, you can contact us for help and we will be happy to take care of your business!


ISP-level targeting

API Access

SOCKS5 support

24/7 support

Dedicated Account

Discount 4%


$0.2 /IP

Total $50 $48



Discount 25%


$0.15 /IP

Total $80 $60



Discount 33%


$0.12 /IP

Total $135 $90



Discount 56%

1500IPs +150IPs

$0.08 /IP

Total $310 $135



Discount 62%

6000IPs +850IPs

$0.07 /IP

Total $1250 $480



Discount 66%

9000IPs +1000IPs


Total $1872 $630



Convenient and reliable operating system

Get IP information in bulk

You can get bulk IP resources with one click, allowing you to multi open/register accounts more conveniently.

Real-time link protection

922 S5 has a unique proxy connection protection system to make sure you are already connected to a proxy.

Detailed IP location display

You can filter the proxy IPs you need by filtering country, region, city, zip code, etc. in the client.

Charge by IP quantity

922 S5 is different from the market's time/traffic billing IP resellers, where the IPs you buy are actually your own personal resources.

What are the uses of residential proxy IPs?

Data Collection

You can get bulk IP resources with one click, allowing you to multi open/register accounts more conveniently.

Product Grabbing

You can use a residential proxy to purchase limited-edition items such as sneakers from around the world.

Brand Protection

You can monitor your brand's public opinion on the web in real time by using a residential agent.

Competitor Tracking

Be the first to get information about what the competition is doing and get market information.


You can get the information of questionnaire from all over the world.

Account Protection

You can protect your account through residential proxy.

Website Optimization

You can monitor search trends in real time to develop your website optimization plan.

Sneaker & Tickets

Improve your Sneakers retail game without limitations or restrictions.

Residential Agent IP from around the world

With residential agent IPs from 160+ countries worldwide, 922 S5 can meet your global business needs.

India 5,792,004 IPs

Türkiye 6,633,262 IPs

United Kingdom 2,563,982 IPs

Germany 4,982,127 IPs

United States 9,489,397 IPs

Brazil 3,872,169 IPs

Vietnam 3,987,369 IPs

UAE 5,783,872 IPs

Ukraine 4,125,672 IPs

France 2,714,754 IPs

Indonesia 5,002,418 IPs

Why should you choose 922 S5 Proxy IP?

Rich residential IP resources 922 S5 has more than 200 million IP resources worldwide.

Global resources to choose from 922 S5 has IPs from 160+ countries around the world.

Simple operating system 922 S5's client system is very simple to operate and easy to use for the novice.

Cheap price 922 S5's IP prices are much lower than other IP providers.

Rich Usage You can use 922 S5 for brand protection, information acquisition, sneaker shopping and many other purposes.

Professional Customer Service You can solve all your problems by contacting customer service.

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Discount 56% and Free Gift“+150 IPs”